U-minimal frame system is the answer to multiple questions of modern ecological awareness and the solution for any demanding architectural designs. The combination of glazing with thin aluminium profiles ensures maximum transparency and excellent performance resulting in an amazing and unparalleled elegance. The U-minimal series maximize the dimensions and openings of modern architectural constructions. The flawless combination of polyamide and aluminium profiles guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.


The new, pioneering “U-minimal Frames System” is the most state-of-the-art answer to the market’s latest architectural requirements, by far surpassing the capabilities of the competition’s series.
The “U-minimal Sliding Doors and Windows System (M-SL)” with bearings, ensures a perfect, easy and silent slide of frames with large glazing, providing at the same time exceptional clarity and brightness of the space that is placed. The “U-minimal M-SL system” can optionally accept an electric opening or closing system offering further comfort and modern equipment to the new innovative system.
The “U-minimal M-SL system” offers enhanced safety, guaranteed by a combination of multi-point locks, which may be automated and connected to any central control system.
The new “U-minimal M-SL System” is accompanied by components of excellent quality and workmanship. The system’s finish is completed with your choice of color from natural anodized or painted aluminum, in RAL or NCS colors.
The “U-minimal M-SL 38” has the ability to accept Double Energy Glazing of total cross sections of 38mm, while the “U-minimal M-SL 54” may accept Triple Energy Glazing (54 mm). The two series can be developed, apart from the classic single-rail, in double-driver BI-Rail, in triple 3-rail, in quadruple 4-rail and in quintuple 5-rail, always maintaining the same static values.


The “U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” is the epitome of minimal frames. It thoroughly covers the perimetric frame of the window, making it literally vanish. It therefore offers a supreme visual panorama allowing only a perforation of one centimeter per sheet in the perimeter, maintaining a smooth and steady drainage of water, as well as the reasonable separation of internal and external surfaces. This system always ensures that the outer and the interior floor levels are identical for subtle passage.
The “U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” allows you unlimited options for your flooring material (wood, marble, granite, etc.) to finish your floor. It is easily cleaned so that it always works perfectly.
“U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” requires a drought of only 7cm from the final floor. The safety lock is ensured either by a modern locking mechanism or by electric drive. The scrolling system ensures smooth and non-oscillating rolling in large openings as well as a smooth braking when closing the sheets.


The “U-minimal Fixed & Slide” and “U-minimal Fixed (M-FXd)” systems are key combinations of the series, offering absolute sealing in one of the two parts that consists of allowing the overall opening of the other, superimposed to it. “U-minimal Fixed & Slide” is provided in many combinations of multiple panels and rails, covering even the exposures of parabolic formations.
“U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” systems can fit at any polygonic opening as they can be manufactured in rectangular, triangular, trapezoid and many more shapes. “U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” systems are built as fixed, maintaining the same aesthetic harmony in all the openings of the space.
“U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” is the most thermo-efficient solution of the ULTRA minimal series, combining inseparable aesthetic and thermal performance as well as economy in construction.


“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers unobstructed views and angles, creating a trapping angle without a fixed profile extending the view beyond 180 degrees.
“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” can be applied to multiple drivers at both directions covering the larger apertures.
“U-minimal (M-CR)” can be combined with other types of the series such as pocket and invisible, removing any imperceptible obstruction when opening them. The angle of “U-minimal (M-CR)” combines the possibility of creating a corner and a “T” type trap, offering solutions even in the most demanding situations.
“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers new construction possibilities by eliminating the necessity of walls and closed corners, declining the conventional architectural design for a more open space approach, giving the designer the capability to enclose entire rooms with thermally insulated sliding aluminium systems. “U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers extreme versatility to any given interior or exterior spaces, taking advantage of open spaces available in your residence.


“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” is the perfect solution for any opening. Offering the same visual effect as the Sliding of the series, it provides a visually superior effect at the opening, leaving the field of vision almost intact as the frames visually disappear into the pocket of the window.
“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” maintains aluminum thermal break and sealing in the pocket. Maintains smooth and silent scrolling of the system in and out of the pocket. It can be combined with all the ULTRA minimal series systems ensuring an incredible minimal experience.
“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” can be equipped with multiple panels, fitted into one or more tunnels with easy and secure locking mechanisms. It also can be combined with sliding, pocket mosquito screens for a far more secure and safe interior sealing.
“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” system, with its smooth and combined operation of both siliding panels and pocket mechanism can provide the highest levels of security and comfort.


The “U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” is the sliding vertical motion of the series that promises to offer you unsurpassed views of the skyline. This series seeks to maximize the dimensions and openings of modern architectural constructions.
The combination of glazing with thin aluminum profiles ensure maximum transparency and excellent performance resulting in the amazing and unparalleled elegance of the system.
In “Li-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” system the aluminum frame provides additional structural reinforcement and ensures the sealing capability of the window.
“Li-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” system operates with an extremely simple mechanical counterweight application for comfortable use and is provided with the ability to be electro-motorized.
“U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)’‘ profiles are available in an infinite selection of colors through natural anodized or painted aluminum, in RAL or NCS color.
“U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” comes with multiple panel combinations for a fully customizable solution.

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