“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers unobstructed views and angles, creating a trapping angle without a fixed profile extending the view beyond 180 degrees.

“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” can be applied to multiple drivers at both directions covering the larger apertures. “U-minimal (M-CR)” can be combined with other types of the series such as pocket and invisible, removing any imperceptible obstruction when opening them.

The angle of “U-minimal (M-CR)” combines the possibility of creating a corner and a “T” type trap, offering solutions even in the most demanding situations. “U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers new construction possibilities by eliminating the necessity of walls and closed corners, declining the conventional architectural design for a more open space approach, giving the designer the capability to enclose entire rooms with thermally insulated sliding aluminium systems.

“U-minimal Corner (M-CR)” offers extreme versatility to any given interior or exterior spaces, taking advantage of open spaces available in your residence.