The “U-minimal Fixed & Slide” and “U-minimal Fixed (M-FXd)” systems are key combinations of the series, offering absolute sealing in one of the two parts that consists of allowing the overall opening of the other, superimposed to it. “U-minimal Fixed & Slide” is provided in many combinations of multiple panels and rails, covering even the exposures of parabolic formations.

“U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” systems can fit at any polygonic opening as they can be manufactured in rectangular, triangular, trapezoid and many more shapes.

“U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” systems are built as fixed, maintaining the same aesthetic harmony in all the openings of the space.

“U-minimal Fixed & Slide (M-FXd)” is the most thermo-efficient solution of the ULTRA minimal series, combining inseparable aesthetic and thermal performance as well as economy in construction.