The “U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” is the sliding vertical motion of the series that promises to offer you unsurpassed views of the skyline. This series seeks to maximize the dimensions and openings of modern architectural constructions.

The combination of glazing with thin aluminum profiles ensure maximum transparency and excellent performance resulting in the amazing and unparalleled elegance of the system.

In “U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” system the aluminum frame provides additional structural reinforcement and ensures the sealing capability of the window.

“U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” system operates with an extremely simple mechanical counterweight application for comfortable use and is provided with the ability to be electro-motorized.

“U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” profiles are available in an infinite selection of colors through natural anodized or painted aluminum, in RAL or NCS color. “U-minimal Sliding Guillotine window (M-GL)” comes with multiple panel combinations for a fully customizable solution.