The “U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” is the epitome of minimal frames. It thoroughly covers the perimetric frame of the window, making it literally vanish. It therefore offers a supreme visual panorama allowing only a perforation of one centimeter per sheet in the perimeter, maintaining a smooth and steady drainage of water, as well as the reasonable separation of internal and external surfaces. This system always ensures that the outer and the interior floor levels are identical for subtle passage.

The “U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” allows you unlimited options for your flooring material (wood, marble, granite, etc.) to finish your floor. It is easily cleaned so that it always works perfectly. “U-minimal Sliding Invisible Window (M-IN)” requires a drought of only 7cm from the final floor. The safety lock is ensured either by a modern locking mechanism or by electric drive.

The scrolling system ensures smooth and non-oscillating rolling in large openings as well as a smooth braking when closing the sheets.