“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” is the perfect solution for any opening. Offering the same visual effect as the Sliding of the series, it provides a visually superior effect at the opening, leaving the field of vision almost intact as the frames visually disappear into the pocket of the window.

“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” maintains aluminum thermal break and sealing in the pocket. Maintains smooth and silent scrolling of the system in and out of the pocket. It can be combined with all the ULTRA minimal series systems ensuring an incredible minimal experience.

“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” can be equipped with multiple panels, fitted into one or more tunnels with easy and secure locking mechanisms. It also can be combined with sliding, pocket mosquito screens for a far more secure and safe interior sealing.

“U-minimal Pocket (M-PCt)” system, with its smooth and combined operation of both siliding panels and pocket mechanism can provide the highest levels of security and comfort.