The new, pioneering “U-minimal Frames System” is the most state-of-the-art answer to the market’s latest architectural requirements, by far surpassing the capabilities of the competition’s series. The “U-minimal Sliding Doors and Windows System (M-SL)” with bearings, ensures a perfect, easy and silent slide of frames with large glazing, providing at the same time exceptional clarity and brightness of the space that is placed.

The ”U-minimal M-SL system” can optionally accept an electric opening or closing system offering further comfort and modern equipment to the new innovative system.

The ”U-minimal M-SL system” offers enhanced safety, guaranteed by a combination of multi-point locks, which may be automated and connected to any central control system.

The new “U-minimal M-SL System” is accompanied by components of excellent quality and workmanship.
The system’s finish is completed with your choice of color from natural anodized or painted aluminum, in RAL or NCS colors.

The “U-minimal M-SL 38” has the ability to accept Double Energy Glazing of total cross sections of 38mm, while the “U-minimal M-SL 54” may accept Triple Energy Glazing (54 mm).
The two series can be developed, apart from the classic single-rail, in double-driver Bi-rail, in triple 3-rail, in
quadruple 4-rail and in quintuple 5-rail, always maintaining the same static values.